Number-1-Favourite-Daughter has a friend who has recently opened to a craft shop in Derbyshire, selling hand made soft furnishings, cards and jewelery etc. You can find them on Facebook:

They have recently closed shop due to the COVID restrictions but are still available for Click & Collect etc. Go and have a look at their page and help support someone who has recently been made redundant and is staking everything on a small business – brave man.

They are looking for stock and Mrs. Boss suggested that I collect some of my woodturnings and pass them onto the shop.

I had been practising using my new Ashley Isles thread chaser (bought last year and not used yet) to cut a thread into a lidded box…………..and made acomplete hash of it. The tool skidded all over the place, out of control. It wasn’t until I watched the video on good old Youtube that I realised I needed another tool – the armrest to make it work properly. More of that in another blog post.

Anyway, I was now left with a small box made of spalted silver birch with a ruined tenon. I decided to remove the tenon, cut another and just made a normal lidded box. It didn’t go too well; I kept cutting the tenon a little too much, leaving the lid loose. It took several revisions – or ‘unplanned design change opportunities’ until I got it right.

That mistake made me practise making lidded boxes. By the end of the week I had four boxes I was happy with.

Beech, Cherry, Wych Elm and Oak lidded boxes